10 diet foods that increase your weight.


If you are trying to use diet food and also trying to lose weight here is 10 foods listed that cause to increase weight.

  1. Cereal

You may think Cereal is diet food but it never help to lose weight especially when you take it in breakfast because mixing sugar , milk and dried fruits make Cereal more calorific.

  1. Dried Fruits.

Dried fruit no doubt are healthy but only when the quantity of intake is limited. Dried fruit do not contain liquid high in calories and fill with fat and proteins.

  1. Juice

Packed juice contains preserves and carbohydrates which should be avoided. Fresh juice is still option but eating fruit is best gives full fiber and nutrition.

  1. Dessert

Dessert is best if you want to gain weight , otherwise never ever over indulge in desserts.

  1. Butter

All kind of butter and cheese are fat but you how much you are eating when losing weight and also keep away from frozen yoghurt because it adds up to as many calories as ice cream.

  1. Fried Foods

Oil intake means take indulge lot of disease like Cholesterol, diabetes, obesity are some of the major problems we are facing today because the food that fried in oil or butter.

  1. Processed Meat

If you are eating processed meat too much you already started getting weight.

Instead of meat use beans more in your diet and vegetables.

  1. Potatoes

Potatoes are high in starch sugar. All forms of potato dishes contribute to weight gain in every form; boiled, smashed, baked, are equally bad. You can add another vegetable, like cauliflower, when making mashed potatoes to increase vegetables and decrease starch.

  1. Vegetables with starch

Vegetables with starch not make you healthy so avoid starch contain vegetables.

All those foods that claim they are gluten free are worse than those with gluten because they are a factory of sugar and fat loaded up into one pack. If you have been picking up food with the gluten free tag thinking they’re much healthier, you should drop that idea right away.

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