8 Harmful Health Habits You Need To Quit Now


1. Taking unnecessary showers

Yes, talking redundant showers could be unsafe. In order to work in the standard approach, your body needs to maintain a definite level of temperature. A temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot. Intense and unexpected exposure to both hot and cold bath can actually be harmful for your health. Depending upon your daily shower needs, you could be putting your health at risk. Its time you stop taking unnecessary bath and start being aware about such risk.

2. Danger of using Shampoo

Does your shampoo contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) in it? If yes, it’s time you might consider
switching to a different brand. Like most potentially unsafe chemicals, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), the material responsible for the foamy consistency in your shampoo’s lather may well be causing harsh liver abnormalities and fetal kidney damages that you were not aware of.
However, a lot of shampoo has to be ingested in order to lay yourself open to such severe damages, so don’t toss your preferred herbal scrub just yet.


Whether it was your mom or dad who said it first, they were certainly right: You shouldn’t put anything in your ear that’s smaller than your thumb. But, almost all of us defy that rule when we clean our ears with cotton swabs. Cleaning you ear using cotton swabs can damage the eardrum present inside the ear. This eardrum is very fragile, and if you puncture it during a forceful cleaning, you allow bacteria to slip past the broken tissue into your inner ear.

A man in Montreal died 3 years ago when he contracted meningitis from bacteria that entered through the eardrum, which he’d punctured from excessive and rigorous cleaning. Doctors even suggested that he had probably caused the initial bacterial infection expressly because he cleaned his ears too often.
Let that be a lesson to you: keep those swabs out of your ears!

4. Plucking your nose hair

While plucking strands out of your nose, you are accidently tearing the skin around it, allowing the bacteria to find its way into your body. Not only does this includes bacteria that those hairs have been filtering out, but also everything you have stuffed up there from whatever you’ve touched before you went prospecting in your nasal cavities. As those bacteria sneak into your body and you could be exposing yourself to various health problems, including latent fatal conditions. An electronic nose hair trimmer is less risky to use as it doesn’t cause the same kind of hurt and irritation that plucking does.

5. Cleaning Your Teeth

What we mean by ‘Cleaning your teeth’ is take a toothpick to drive your lunch leftovers out of the spaces between your teeth. We are not talking about brushing your teeth, so you could continue to do both. Toothpicks are pointed, so be cautious the next time you use one. If you break a piece of the toothpick while cleaning your teeth, that pointy little stuff could cause whole lot of trouble inside your body. If it got stuck in your throat, that would cause swelling around the nuisance blocking your gullet (throat) and thwart you from breathing. It could also tear or cut your intestinal tract, spilling harmful bacteria and digestive juices into your body causing sepsis, which can and often does lead to death.

6. Flossing Your Teeth

Flossing is not fatal, but there are some kinds of floss containing PFC’s, which use fluorine chemicals to protect against stickiness and stains. These PFC’s are wholly responsible for the pretty teeth and gums you get after flossing your teeth. But, as effective and appealing these floss are they are toxic and can lead to effects that can be harmful for your liver and kidneys.

7. Popcorn or No Popcorn?

If you or someone you know is still eating microwave popcorn, its time you bring it to a standstill. By eating popcorn you may be ingesting yourself with an injurious level of a FDA approved chemical called ‘diacetyl’. Diacetyl is used as fake buttering flavor that contains of substance causing respiratory infections. Microwave popcorn are stored in the bag that contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), by consuming these popcorn you also may be ingesting possible carcinogens that transferred from the interior lining of the bag into the popcorn.

8. Air freshener

Do you have an immune system that is frail, are you always exhausted, or are you and your family having all those ambiguity illnesses and “genetic” disorders? Do you want to know why? Regrettably, the residual chemicals from most air freshener, common cleaning and deodorizing products results i unintentional poisonings to the very people who were allegedly being protected. Many ordinary air fresheners hold potentially damaging organic amalgams like nitrogen dioxide, which can prove dangerous if you inhale too many vapors.

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