As Ramadan is around the corner and people are freezing samosas and spring rolls, I want to remind everyone that Ramadan is a gift to us and we can detox our body in the best way during this month.
Your body goes in a cleansing mode when you fast. Your digestive system gets rest, immunity boosts, and you get away with addiction (Yes, you do!). Plus, your liver at rest will release toxins which eliminates from your body.
So, I’m writing this is because we all love oily crispy foods during Ramadan and it’s very important to understand that oily foods will negate the cleansing effect of fasting. The first few things you eat after your fast is very important. This is a schedule that I recommend to everyone:
Begin with 2 dates (dates are a sunnah), your body will get an instant source of glucose for energy that lacked the entire day, plus dates has fibers soo wouldn’t increase the blood sugar levels.
After that have some fruits (1 bowl) that will supply vitamins and minerals to carry out vital functions of the body.
Next should be a glass of water or any drink that has some sugars and salt (lemonade would be the best). This will provide you with electrolytes and freshen you up.
Now, let all this food process under your reset digestive system for about an hour.
Next meal you have is also important, since your body can undergo muscle loss, so you need good proteins like chicken, pulses and legumes, yogurt, fish along with carbohydrates like rice, roti, and bread.

Avoid having oily foods daily, because your liver has detoxified itself and rested the entire day and by having oils it will get back to square one. Liver releases bile which aids the digestion of fats.

At the end, just try to do maximum ibadat and duas. Remember me in your prayers, insha Allah.

Mariyah Shaikh
(Consulting Nutritionist)
The Nutrition Circle

admin Worker Asked on May 18, 2018 in Cooking.
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