Relief back pain in 7 minutes


Here’s a seven minute workout with seven poses to stretch your muscles and keep all the back pains and joint pains at bay.

Stretch those hamstrings

Lie down on the floor and hold your leg up in the air for 30 seconds for each leg. Breathe in and out while you hold your leg up and alternate. Do two sets for each leg.

Release your spine muscles

This one is a complete relief to your spine. Lie down facing the ceiling and pick one side. Cross your right leg over the left and stretch your right hands to your right. Here you will be stretching the spine. Hold this posture for 20 seconds and alternate with sides. 3-4 sets would be optimum.

Glutes stretching

Lie down on the floor and stretch your legs crossed as in the picture. This helps toning and relaxing the gluteal region.

Knee hugging stretch

Lie down on the ground and bend your knee. Hug your knee so that you stretch your glutes. Hold the posture for each leg for 20 seconds and then shift. Do two sets for each leg.

Quadriceps stretch

Lie down on the ground sideways. Stretch your leg backward by holding the leg in position for 30 seconds. Do two sets for each leg.

Total back stretch

Hold a table or door which is stationary and bend to 90 degrees with hands in the same line. Stretch and hold for 30 seconds. Two sets.

Hip flexor stretch

Just like lunges, make a 90 degrees with one foot and stretch the other foot backwards. Bend your knees right and keep your posture straight to flex the hip. Hold for 30 seconds on each foot and repeat.

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