Why girls attract to other men other than their husbands

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Why girls attract to other men other than their husbands:

Now a days its very common experience that we heard that women attracts to other men and specially to their ex-boyfriends and friends after very few time of their marriages. It happens even they got marry to her boyfriend.

There are lot of reasons of this misfortune here we discuss major of them.

  1. Husband Behavior:

Husband behavior count much in this it doesn’t mean that they deceiving their wife but with passage of time they lost respect but a girl always want respect 1st in any relation. Its fact that “with love and respect every matter can be solved nicely.

  1. Misunderstanding:

Sometime little times little thing leads to misunderstanding. No doubt men always full of anger but before talk to their wife they once think they talk and behave to their girlfriend in this situation. Sometime small thing become big and create big issues and if any of them remain quiet and calm in this situation and talk about it in neutral mood is a good way to solve matter.

  1. Little Care:

Sometime show off only little care make hearts more joyful, just try to understand other situation and keep yourself in others situation. Yes, it’s the responsibility of a wife to bear everything every pain grief from his husband but little words little care makes a girl ten time stronger.

  1. Respect other work:

It’s very common when a wife shows tired and husband says “do not go to work” and same time he is not able to fulfill her desires even home expenses, without thinking that she is all doing not only for herself.

  1. Being Enjoyed:

It’s not only men right to get enjoyed and go for outing but also girl want. So give them space.

  1. Respect:

In the last a wife does not want something big but a little concentration Love and care.

When all these things that she expects most not get from her husband she gets inspired intentally or non-intentally from other guys and here 99% is your fault if you are doing same.

As I think girls are so innocent they get happy only by your little words. So be happy and Keep happy.

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